PyTorch GPU Stack in 5 minutes or less

Fast setup for a PyTorch stack on GPU with CUDA + CUDNN

Historically, setting up deep learning stacks with GPU support has been a hassle. This was because of poorly documented version conflicts between NVIDIA drivers, CUDA, CUDNN and your DL library of choice (PyTorch and TF for me). I remember having spent hours on setting up Tensorflow because its docs didn’t... [Read More]

A Cyborg Implant That Suits You: Exploring NFC Smartcard Tools

First steps on my journey to getting a chip implant.

I have been toying with the idea of getting an implant for a few years for access control and other NFC-coolness such as storing business cards or medical records. Nothing quite like being to key to your house or never forgetting your gym card. Those fantasies have recently been kicked... [Read More]

Tame the Snake: Python Package Management with Pyenv, Pipenv & Pipx

Best practices for managing Python modules and virtual environment.

In this post I describe the tools and workflow needed for a clean and simple Python development environment. Messy dependencies, mixed module versions and unknown requirements are a thing of the past. Learn to keep your development clean and free of conflicting and ambiguous versions. [Read More]