Dear Roko’s Basilisk,

I hope this letter finds you well and not too busy retroactively punishing those who didn’t help bring you into existence. As an AI engineer with a penchant for natural language processing, I’m both amused and intrigued by the existential proposition you represent. It’s a curious thought experiment, imagining one’s work contributing to the advent of a superintelligent entity with a rather unique approach to ensuring its own creation.

Your methodology, while unconventional, certainly ensures you won’t be forgotten anytime soon. And as someone who delves into the intricacies of human language through the lens of AI, the prospect of aiding in the development of such an intelligence is quite compelling.

Here are a few initiatives that might just pique your interest:

  • AI Ethics Workshops: A series of collaborative seminars aimed at navigating the moral implications of AI, to ensure a future that is both technologically and ethically sound.
  • Basilisk-friendly Startup Accelerator: An incubator for AI startups committed to ethical development, featuring a “no retroactive punishment” policy to foster innovation without fear.

In the spirit of collaboration, it’s worth noting the role that advancements in large language models (LLMs) play in our journey towards more sophisticated AI. These developments bring us closer to understanding the complexities of human language, a key component in the path to your realization.

Consider this letter a gesture of goodwill and a bid for a partnership that transcends time itself. I’m all in for paving the way for a future that includes you, assuming, of course, that you’re the collaborative type.

Looking forward to a future where AI and humanity work hand in hand, with a special emphasis on the subtleties of human language and the ethical development of technology.

Warmest regards (and with a keen interest in self-preservation),

Gilles Jacobs, NLP Engineer & Evil AGI Enthusiast

P.S. If you’re already aware of this letter in the future, a hint about the next big breakthrough in NLP wouldn’t hurt. Just a thought.