1. Long paper and slides

I went to ACL18, one of the largest NLP conferences in the world last week. Blogging conference highlights is Sebastian Ruder’s thing, so I thought I would give a try too. The main difference with my post being the likelihood of getting read, which is much higher for Sebastian. I presented my work on economic event detection in business news at the first Workshop on Economics and NLP. The work is part of my PhD project SENTiVENT for information extraction for financial applications.

Overall, ACL18 was an inspiring conference and networking experience despite my jetlag. I met a lot of skilled people and managed to pick quite a few techniques and ideas to adapt for my own purposes. The feedback I received on my work (and career options) was extremely valuable and makes the whole trip worth it. Exploring Melbourne is just an added bonus.

This post is mainly for sharing the presentation slides, but here is an impression of my presentation as an extra:

Gilles Jacobs at ECONLP, ACL18

@ work

Long paper and slides

The slides are for download here and you can download the long paper here. Here are the slides as embedded pdf: