Job opening for annotator student workers for common-sense investor sentiment in the SENTiVENT project on English news articles. The data annotation is part of the SENTiVENT project on economic event extraction and sentiment analysis.

Detailed job description

You will be annotating economic sentiment defined as common-sense investor sentiment in English business news articles. Detailed annotation instructions are given to annotators describing the steps and categories to annotate. We have a computer room for in-office work where you will be trained. The annotation tool we use is WebAnno and is web-based: you only need a supported browser (Chrome or Edge) for remote working on your own computer. Understanding the guidelines and economic news articles requires an excellent grasp of English.

WebAnno Interface Example

Example of the annotation interface.


  • Excellent command of English.
  • Currently studying in a field related to economics, finance, or business administration.
  • Knowledge/experience in stock market investing is preferred.


Please send your CV and a brief cover letter to [email protected]. Also include the following information

  • Your proficiency level of English.
  • Whether you have student statute in Belgium/EU up until 30th of September.

Daily working hours

Annotating event categories is a cognitively challenging task which requires a lot of concentration and mental effort. We aim for 4 hour working days. If we determine an annotator can handle more without diminishing quality, the daily working hours can be increased. Working hours are flexible and are open to negotation.

Working period

The estimated work required is for about 3 weeks.

Remote working

Remote working is possible when the annotator has proven they can work independently and has good grasp of the annotation guidelines. We can not guarantee remote working, but if the quality of work is sufficient the annotator is allowed to work remotely. Your output is remotely monitored through the annotation website.

The annotator are to be in office for an initial week of training and at the end of the annotation phase. The final annotation is an adjudication phase were you discuss conflicting annotations with your colleague.

Upon acceptance applicants will have to register at the UGent Jobdienst. You can find more payment and legal information on the Jobdienst website. Hourly wages are 14.99 EUR/h bruto. You will be given a student work contract via the UGent Jobdienst.

LT3 Annotator Event English Flyer